About me

Dieter Boeglin

Master of Arts HSG

Certified Internal Auditor
Certified Financial Services Auditor
Certification in Risk Management Assurance
Accreditation in Quality Assessment / Validation

After graduating from high school, I studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen and completed my studies with a Master’s degree. Because I am fascinated by the interaction of operational processes in companies, I entered internal auditing at a bank shortly after completing my studies. For over twenty years I have worked in internal auditing at banks in Switzerland and abroad as well as in a listed Swiss energy group. As a business economist, I have familiarized myself with many areas and learned to understand and assess their risks and processes. I also analyzed corporate governance issues and helped to shape decisions.

I have completed training as an chartered accountant and I own recognised diplomas in internal auditing, quality management and risk management. I am a member of the Swiss Association of Internal Auditors (SVIR) and am subject to the Code of Ethics and the standards of the worldwide professional association Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

I am a Swiss citizen and live with my wife and my three sons in Zofingen in the canton of Aargau. Besides my time with my family I like to ride my motorbike. Privately I am a former active student member of the Schweizerischer Altzofingerverein. I speak fluently Swiss German, German and English.