My Services

My goal is to provide transparency and assurance for you as a board member or managing director of an SME or a bank, so that you can take the right decisions in your company on a sound basis.

I provide you with all services in a objective way. Professionally, discreetly , scalable to your needs and at reasonable prices I am on the road for you in the region, in Switzerland or even internationally.

Internal Audit

An internal audit function brings you an independent and objective view of the quality of risk-relevant processes and their internal controls. In order to strengthen transparency and assurance, I provide with you the prerequisites for an internal audit function and assume responsibility for your third line of defence.


Ineffective compliance is not only a reputational risk for your company. Are new regulatory requirements ready for implementation? Do you need a critical assessment of your compliance efforts? I will be happy to draw up and revise your regulations and directives and take over the sensitisation of your employees.

Risk Management

Which top risks have you identified for your company? Which do you regularly control and monitor? I support you in the risk process, be it in identifying risks or in designing appropriate risk controls and in periodically checking their effectiveness (ICS testings).

Quality Review of Internal Audit and Interim Management

Existing audit teams should periodically review their quality of work and report objectively to the Board of Directors. I would be pleased to take on the task for you for a so-called “Quality Review”. I support your audit team professionally (Co-Sourcing), in terms of capacity or management as part of an interim management mandate.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors deals with auditing matters and is therefore sensibly staffed with finance and accounting experts. Does your Audit Committee perform its tasks effectively and efficiently? If you wish, I will place myself at your disposal for a mandate.

Individual Case Assessments

Do you need an objective assessment of certain business cases? Would you like to investigate suspected fraud cases? Would you like to have the expenses checked for compliance with the expense regulations? Please contact me without any commitment.

Investigations on Request

Can’t find a solution to your problem? Contact me and I will support you in finding a solution, alone or with the help of my network.