(translated from German originals)
"Parallel to his professional activities, Mr. Boeglin continued his professional development. Among other things, he attended the course in the Swiss Fiduciary Chamber as preparation for the diploma  as a certified public accountant. Mr. Boeglin quickly became familiar with his area of responsibility. We have come to know him as a very reliable and conscientious employee. With his exact and extremely careful way of working, he completed all the tasks assigned to him to our complete satisfaction."

Chairman of the Board of Directors of a universal bank

"Mr. Boeglin has well-founded and comprehensive specialist knowledge as well as extensive experience in the area of internal auditing. Due to his understanding and interest, he was able to familiarize himself well with new requirements. He distinguished himself through his understanding of technical issues, his perseverance and his independent and risk-oriented approach. In difficult situations he remained objective and consistent. In working together, he was constructive and open to new topics. Mr. Boeglin was always friendly, correct and courteous towards superiors, employees and third parties. His collegial, helpful and open-minded manner was greatly appreciated by all."

Head Group Internal Audit of an international private banking group

"Mr. Boeglin has an excellent, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in his field of activity. He successfully put the knowledge he had acquired into practice and he quickly found his way into new tasks. Through care and conscientiousness, he achieves a high quality of work. The amount of work and the results were appropriately coordinated and the requirements were met. He focused on the needs of customers and ensured good customer relations. He immediately recognized problems in his area of responsibility and found convincing solutions on his own. Even with high demands Mr. Boeglin worked concentrated and produced a constant performance. He made decisions with great expertise. He communicated verbally and in writing and knew how to represent his own ideas in a sound manner and to engage constructively in technical discussions. Mr. Boeglin was recognized and appreciated by superiors, employees and customers. He was a conscientious, reliable employee who felt connected to his job and the company."

Head of Internal Audit of a Swiss Energy Group

"With his qualifications, skills and experience, Mr. Boeglin has led the Internal Audit Department in a team-oriented, yet consistent and impeccable manner from the very beginning. He knows how to set the priorities right and works very quickly with his team. His training and experience allow him to quickly grasp and assess even complex interrelationships. He has always been a conscientious, reliable and fearless performer of the actual situations for the Bank Council and in particular for the President of the Bank Council."

Bank President of a retail bank

"Mr. Boeglin has very good banking and internal audit expertise. Mr. Boeglin has an independent and risk-oriented way of working, which allows him to do his work in very good quality. Mr. Boeglin is a conscientious, responsible, constructive and reliable employee."

Chairman of the Board of Directors of a European Private Bank